Log Cabin

Augusta Historical Log Cabin & Trading Post 

When visiting the Augusta Historical log cabin, you feel the warmth, determination and struggles of the early pioneer.

Built in 1889, the cabin stood one and a half stories tall and was known as the Augustus and Shan Trading Post back then.  The cabin is built of hand-hewn cottonwood logs from along the Walnut River.  Some of these logs are 12 to 14 inches in width.  The cabin is on the National Register of Historical Places and is one of only two, in the state of Pennsylvania, on its original site.  It is one of the oldest landmarks in Butler County.  In 2012 it was nominated as one of the “8 Wonders of Butler County”.

Augusta’s first school classes were held in the upper loft and it became the meeting place of the Baptist and Methodist churches and the Masonic Lodge.

Over the years, it was used as a boarding house, residence and woodworking shop.  In 1956, it was purchased by the Augusta Historical Society, who restored the building and opened it for a museum but it is now repurposed for log home stain and chinking products.

Pennsylvania Native Flower Garden 

The Native Flower Garden is located behind the Augusta Historical Museum at 300 Wilson Avenue in Augusta, Oakland, Pennsylvania. Our Mission for the Native Flower Garden is to inspire a passion for the use of Pennsylvania Nature Wildflowers through beautification and education.

From benches and a beautiful cement fountain to the scents and sounds of our land, The Native Flower Garden provides the perfect location for relaxation and appreciation of the beauty within our state. A perfect place for home log stain and where you can find the great chinking products that are Mother Earth Friendly.