The History of Soccer

Soccer history started on 18th century


When it comes to the modern history of soccer, that is from the 18th century to date, in the year 1815 there was a major development that made soccer to gain its popularity in colleges, universities and schools. The Eton College and also the popular English school came with some of the set rules. These rules were called the Cambridge rules. In addition to this also, the football was segregated into 2 main groups and some of the schools and colleges decided to choose rugby rules that was known to allow tripping, carrying the ball and also shin kicking.


These set of rules were fully prohibited in accordance with the rules of Cambridge. The history of this modern-day soccer was started in the year 1863.In that same year, that was on October, the eleven representatives who were chosen from schools and London clubs took their time and met at a place called Freemason’s Tavern in order to set up common rules which were fundamental to play a role in controlling their matches. The results of this particular meeting led to the formation of the so called Football Association. In that same year also, that was on December, the Football Association and the Rugby Football at long last splitted since the Rugby School rules supporters decided to walk out. In 1869, the foundation of soccer was firmly established and the Football Association took a step and decided to ban any type of ball handling.


This is the time when the popularity of the soccer gained its popularity and spread rapidly across the whole world as the traders, soldiers and British soldiers came up with this kind of sport to various parts of the world. The Austrians, Italians, and the Germans decided to drew to Europe countries, while Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina adopted this kind of sport in the southern parts of America. The FIFA was started back in the year 1904.At around 1930s; various leagues were in operation from different countries. It was credited after organizing the and successfully conducted the first known world cup in Uruguay.


When it comes to the history of the soccer, it is rich with unique events, its growing craze and developments across the world. If you take your time and read more about this history, you will be amazed as you get to know more about many things concerning this amazing sport that has been admired by many people for more than three thousand years. So, for you to understand more about the origin of this sport known as soccer, you have to look for some of the important sources that will enable you to know more about this game. For instance you may go to the internet and look for what you want and at the end of it you will get to know the origin of this type of game though its origin has not been discovered yet.


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